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What is an orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that requires correcting the position of teeth and jaws using dental appliances. Orthodontics deal with teeth alignment problems such as crooked teeth, overbite and underbite, just to name a few. Orthodontic treatments improve the function and appearance of your teeth to help keep you maintain healthy gums and jawbones.

Types of Orthodontic Treatments

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are traditional metal braces. The brackets of the brace are glued to your front teeth and connected with wires. Fixed braces are permanent and can’t be removed. They also restrict the types of foods and drinks a person can consume, like sweets, chocolates, and fizzy drinks. Fixed braces may cause a little discomfort at first, are noticeable and aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. However, it is the most efficient way to improve dental alignment.

Removable braces

Removable braces cover the roof of the mouth and are attached to the teeth using clips. These braces are usually made of plastic and can be removed whenever necessary. Keep in mind that they can only be taken out for cleaning purposes.

Functional appliances

Functional braces are a pair of removable plastic braces attached together to fit both the upper and lower teeth. These appliances treat jaw and teeth-related alignment problems. You can remove the appliance when necessary, but that should be based on your orthodontist’s instruction.


Headgear is usually an appliance that is worn at night. It is used to correct the position of your posterior teeth and helps prevent your jaw from hurting. Headgear is mostly worn at night before sleeping because you won’t be able to eat or drink after you wear it.

Benefits of orthodontic treatments

Prevents jaw-related problems

If your teeth aren’t properly aligned, this may give birth to complications like jaw pain, TMJ, headache and decay. The misalignment of teeth is because of overbite (upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw) and underbite (lower jaw overlaps the upper jaw). Both of these jaw problems make it difficult to clean teeth, which leads to the issues mentioned above. The severe decay may result in tooth loss and orthodontic treatments straighten and reshape teeth to prevent such issues.

Promotes self-confidence

Crooked, uneven and overlapped teeth aren’t aesthetically pleasing and cause self-esteem issues. For these reasons, people feel the need to hide their smiles and withdraw from expressing their happiness and laughter. They don’t feel comfortable smiling in photos and dread talking to people. Orthodontic care can change their appearance and how they perceive themselves.

Protects teeth

Malocclusion or misalignment of teeth cause problems while eating. Malocclusion can even cause tooth damage because proper cleaning isn’t achieved due to misshapen teeth, causing pain and discomfort. Crooked teeth also cause speech impediments, which can be frustrating. Therefore, braces and other dental shaping appliances help achieve straight teeth and minimize these problems.

Orthodontics in Charlotte, NC

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