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Family Dentist in Harrisburg NC

We try to create a solid foundation in prevention so that our patients can enjoy stable oral health, a confident smile, and comfortable function.

Dental exams that evaluate your teeth, gums, and entire masticatory system help identify problems as early as possible – when dental conditions are easiest to treat!  By maintaining regular appointments, you can reduce the likelihood of tooth loss, periodontal (gum) disease, or unexpected dental emergencies.

Our comprehensive approach uses digital imaging, high-definition x-rays, and a diagnostic exam by one of our dentists.

Even if you brush and floss your teeth daily, it is critical to you have your teeth professionally cleaned regularly.  Hormonal, health, medication, and even dietary changes can all affect your periodontal health.  No matter what type of dental cleaning you require, our dental hygienists will work gently and effectively to give you a clean, healthy smile.

A “prophy” includes removing any surface tartar and stains from your teeth at or above your gum line.

For some patients, lack of routine care can lead to gum disease. Since gum disease is a serious threat to your overall systemic health, it is crucial to treat this condition. Our hygienists will spend extra time to remove tartar, bacteria, and infection from above and below your gum line in order to promote healing. We will schedule necessary follow-up visits to help you maintain good oral health.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry

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Woderful Dentist

Both are wonderful Dentist and the staff is very caring!

by Brenda Bradley Brewer on Icard and Strein Family Dentistry

Great people always on time and very gentle yet thorough!


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