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Dentures (Partial And Complete) in harrisburg nc


We offer a wide range of solutions for our patients who suffer from tooth loss. Having choices is important and we are committed to helping you make a decision that suits your lifestyle, budget, and goals. For patients with missing teeth, we offer custom dentures to complete your smile and help you maintain a healthy diet.

If you are missing some teeth but others are stable, a partial denture can use those remaining teeth as an anchor. We design partial dentures with comfort and esthetics in mind. We create flexible or rigid partial dentures made of metal or lightweight plastic depending on your needs.

A great fit is essential to an effective denture. Our dentists are meticulous when it comes to denture fit and maintenance. By creating a high-quality denture, you can enjoy years of excellent service and function.

If you are missing all of your teeth on the top or bottom arch, a complete denture can give you the freedom you need to eat and smile confidently. We take impressions of your mouth and design a denture with great fit and function. A complete denture allows you the opportunity to choose how your smile looks. We can help you make a decision that gives you a natural-looking, beautiful smile.

A great fit is essential to your comfort and convenience. Our dentists will use the best and most modern materials to ensure a denture that looks and feels great. When created by an experienced dentist, modern dentures can look very natural.

Complete dentures, especially those on the lower arch, can create challenges if you have lost a significant amount of bone. We can address this problem by placing dental implants to “lock” your denture in place.

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