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Tooth extraction isn’t a quick fix and is only reserved for emergencies based on the dentist’s suggestion. Your dentist will recommend extensive tests before extracting your tooth.

Reasons You Need Tooth Extraction

1. Overcrowding 

Teeth that are in a tightly packed space inside your mouth become overcrowded. For that reason, your dentist may suggest orthodontia. Orthodontia is a medical procedure where closely spaced teeth are removed to create space. 

2.  Impaction

Impaction is a dental condition where teeth are stuck under the surface of gums. This is yet another problem that needs extraction surgery in order to relieve pain.

3. Dental Infections And Health Complications

Tooth infections are one of the significant reasons behind tooth extractions. If any periodontal disease is left untreated, this can cause severe infection and decay. As a result, a patient may need to extract their infected/decayed tooth. 

Besides dental conditions, underlying health problems such as autoimmune diseases, chemotherapy or organ transplants can compromise the immune system, which may impact teeth.

4. Physical Damages

Accidents, disease and trauma can damage your teeth as well, resulting in severe consequences. A way to resurrect your damage is to extract. 

Signs You Need Tooth Extraction

1. Severe Tooth Pain 

If you feel pain during chewing, brushing, or any sharp pain on the tooth and gums, it’s likely a tooth is stuck under the gums, is wisdom tooth causing pain, there’s an infection or you’re suffering from gum problems

2. Jaw Pain And Stiffness

Do you experience jaw pain and stiffness? This may be a symptom of an infection or damage. Swollen gums may cause jaw pain resulting in stiffness. 

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

If you’re scared of tooth extraction pain, don’t worry! Your oral surgeon administers a local anesthetic before removing your tooth. After the successful operation, your surgeon will prescribe medications like acetaminophen or mefenamic acid to subside any pain or discomfort.

Tooth extraction healing may take 3-4 weeks. Proper care speeds up healing and using proper post-procedural care tips, like placing ice packs on the surgical area, can help eliminate pain.

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