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There are various types of dental fillings available for patients. Your dentist will choose one of these based on factors such as your age, preferences and budget. There are a few types of dental fillings: metal fillings, tooth-colored filling or composite resin, glass ionomer, and porcelain fillings. Amongst all these filling materials, composite fillings are the most preferred type by both dentists and patients.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of composite resin, which is safer than other options because it’s  made of non-toxic materials and can mimic your teeth’s natural shade. Here are some facts about this kind of tooth filling:

Can imitate the shape and features of a natural tooth

Tooth-colored fillings are matched with your natural teeth’s shade. Resin also matches natural tooth properties, are durable and low-maintenance.

So, why would you need a filling anyway? A dental filling fixes a chipped or broken tooth, which is why filling material needs to be strong. Metal amalgams are resilient but look hideous on frontal teeth so composite fillings are best.

Can behave same as amalgam

Dental amalgams seal cavities and fill larger spaces between teeth due to their physical properties. Amalgams tend to be fluid in nature and can take the shape of any crack. When they dry, they become hard as a rock. The tooth-colored filling also behaves similarly and imitates the formation from liquid to solid.

Doesn’t require plenty of complexities

For planting dental amalgams, dentists require going through a process of undercutting. Undercutting means removing gum tissue and a chunk of the tooth around the cavities to get more space to fasten and seal them. Unlike amalgams, the tooth-colored filling doesn’t include the undercutting process for filling the cavities. Composites are thus helpful for both teeth and gums..

The process varies from one person-to-person

It doesn’t matter how complex or simple your dental complications are. The procedure depends on the complexity of dental damage type of teeth. Many resin fillings may only take a day to complete, but the process may require more time for deeper cavities.

Safer than amalgams

Not all kinds of material used in fillings are safe for health. Take silver amalgams for example. The amalgam is made of mercury and a metal alloy mixture, which is harmful to health. Excessive ingestion of mercury can cause mercury poisoning, neurological damage and cardiovascular problems. Tooth-colored fillings have no adverse effects on humans and are an effective way to restore teeth.

These are some facts about tooth-colored fillings for you. If we talk about drawbacks, one of the tooth-colored fillings’ disadvantages is that they can be more expensive than amalgams. So, consider talking to your before getting the filling. If you are looking for tooth-colored fillings in Charlotte, NC, Icard & Strein Family Dentistry is there to assist. Feel free to call us on 704.455.5003 or schedule an appointment online via our website.

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