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Option For Tooth Loss Restoration

Removable partial dentures can be quite useful when you’re suffering from tooth loss. Apart from helping to deal with possibly unpleasant gaps, they can reverse the aging effect that lost teeth have on your facial appearance. These dental prosthetics will also allow you to speak and chew a lot better.

What can you anticipate with removable partial dentures? We address that in this article, plus suggestions on how to get the best out of these prosthetics.

Removable Partial Denture Overview

A removable partial denture is a device that is made up of replacement, artificial teeth attached to a plastic (acrylic) or metal base designed to complement your gums’ color. The prosthetic uses a metal base that rests on regular teeth with the aid of clasps. There are also other types of connectors that may be used to enhance natural look and aesthetics, such as precision attachments.

As the name suggests, you can take out removable partial whenever you like. These devices offer cheaper means of dental restoration, in comparison to full dentures, for people who are missing only a few teeth.

It is possible that the dental practitioners at our Harrisburg dentist office may also recommend that dental crowns be added to your natural teeth to perfect the denture fit.

Using and Caring for Your New Removable Partial Denture

You will require some time to get used to this device. Some things that you will have to adjust to are; removing the denture, placing the denture in,  as well as speaking and chewing while having it in your mouth. Your removable partial denture may feel unpleasant, unwieldy or tight at the initial stage. It is important to follow the instructions provided by the practitioner to the letter.

In the days following the acquisition of your new denture, you should endeavor to eat only soft foods that have been cut into bits and chew with both sides of your mouth for uniform pressure. Stay away from foods that have a reputation of being detrimental to the teeth, including hard foods, sugary treats and sticky substances.

While it might be recommended to wear the prosthetic always at first, this doesn’t mean that you must not remove it at any time. You should ideally take it out when going to bed and re-insert the following day. If you feel any tenderness from using your new denture, speak to your dentist so that necessary adjustments may be made so that it becomes more comfortable.

Make sure you clean your denture daily as instructed by your dentist. You need to use special denture cleaner or mild dishwashing solution when cleaning because toothpaste may prove too abrasive on the device. Store your partial denture according to your dentist’s instructions.

Making Changes to Your Removable Partial Denture

In addition to the adjustments you may need to your removable partial dentures after wearing them the first time, further changes will usually also be needed after some time. This is because your mouth is not exempted from the changes that affect different parts of your body as you get older. The shape changes and you may not find your removable partial denture fitting as it used to.

You should speak with your dentist for necessary adjustments when you observe this to prevent issues such as sores and, even worse, infections. Bacteria can lodge in spaces created by loose dentures, exposing teeth and gums to great risks. You will also do well to visit a dental office as soon as possible if you notice chips or cracks or a loose tooth in your denture.

Do not attempt to fix a loose or cracked denture by yourself, using things such as glue. You might only succeed in damaging the device or endangering your health when you do this.

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