Tooth Sensitivity Treatment in Harrisburg NC

Why you may be experiencing pain after a tooth filling

Patients who undergo a tooth filling procedure must do so to correct an enlarged cavity. The procedure is conducted in Pediatric dentistry often due to lack of good oral hygiene practices.

In conducting a tooth filling procedure, Drs. Icard or Strein will first administer local anesthesia to induce relaxation. This anesthesia, or numbing medication, is also used to numb the extraction site. You may experience some discomfort but overall this is a painless procedure.

Upon completion of the procedure, tooth sensitivity can start immediately or be delayed. While delayed sensitivity is uncommon, immediate onset tooth sensitivity should subside within a few weeks after you’ve had the procedure.

Sensitivity is experienced when the filling is set in the tooth too high. An uneven setting of the material causes the material to repeatedly come into contact with the food you are chewing. The same result will occur if the cavity is too deep. Filling material that is too deep causes sensitivity when there is not proper protection for the tooth’s nerve.

Choosing Filling Material

There are a few options for filling material including silver amalgam, porcelain, gold, and composite resin. All filling material can cause some sensitivity. Composite filling material has been known to cause more sensitivity than the others.

Try to avoid foods that are

  • Excessively hot or cold
  • Acidic
  • Soft drinks
  • Citrus fruits
  • Dairy products like yogurt

Heightened sensitivity to a cold or hot substance is not something that you should be too worried about. It is a common “side-effect” of having a tooth filling.

How to relieve pain after a tooth filling?

After the procedure, your dentist will offer you a prescription for a mild pain reliever. If you choose not to fill the prescription there are other options. An NSAID pain reliever like Advil or Motrin can help to reduce pain and sensitivity. If you are still experiencing tooth sensitivity after two to four weeks consult your dental practitioner.

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