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Top 5 Dental Issues for Children and Their Symptoms

Severe dental problems can affect people of all ages. They may only differ in form or degree among different groups of individuals. However, children seem to be more prone to certain issues more than adults.

Protecting the oral health of your child is critical for a lifetime of good dental health. It is helpful to learn more about dental tips for children and to be aware of the most common issues in order to adopt prevention practices. Learning how to care for your child’s teeth will allow you to avoid these common issues from happening, and to properly deal with them when they occur.

Kids Oral Care Tips for 11 and Under

In this article, we discuss five common dental issues that plague children aged 11 years and younger. Drs. Icard & Strein, family and pediatric dentist in Harrisburg NC, offer dental tips for parents to clarify the best ways to care for older children and toddler dental problems.

1. Loss of baby teeth

It is not uncommon for children to lose their baby teeth, it must happen in order to make room for adult teeth. Childhood tooth loss usually, starts from around the age of six. The middle front teeth are usually the first to go.

In some cases, baby teeth can become loose and fall off as a result of accidents or falls. These “mishaps” occur more among active children and those who engage in sports. This is why it is so important for you to take necessary precautions like using a custom mouth guard when engaging in sports activities. Take the time to teach your child about the importance of this safety guard.

Oftentimes, parents dismiss the loss of baby teeth as a serious problem. They see this as simply normal for permanent teeth to emerge. While that is true, you should take your child for a dental visit if the immediate cause of tooth loosening is an injury. If left untreated, an injured tooth can lead to other problems.

The solution for dental injuries can range from tooth extraction to fixing of with a crown or root canal.

2. Malocclusion

You may not be very familiar with the term, but you’re likely to be aware of the problem. Malocclusion is a dental term for the misalignment of teeth. This problem may be hereditary and can also occur without any visible cause.

A factor in the incidence of teeth misalignment among some children is prolonged thumb sucking. This habit can become an issue if not stopped before permanent teeth start to appear.

Dentists are able to reverse many of the harmful effects up to when your child is roughly six years of age.

3. Tooth decay

Yes, tooth decay is not a problem for adults only. It is actually the most common chronic disease among school-aged children. Also, it is estimated that about 2 in every 5 kids as young as two years have at least one cavity.

Tooth decay is simply the result of not brushing their teeth with a fluoridated toothpaste, and acid wearing away enamel, the hard outer layer of the tooth. It is usually the consequence of high sugar content in diet and poor dental care.

You’d most likely require the help of a dentist in detecting tooth decay in your child’s teeth. Cavities are not easy to see with the bare eye at the early stages.

Change in diet and good oral hygiene can help to prevent decay, just as dental sealants. A filling or a pediatric dental crown may be required to treat cavities.

4. Gum disease

By “gum disease,” we are referring specifically to the early form – that is, gingivitis. Children do experience inflammation of the gums often due to poor brushing and flossing habits that lead to plaque buildup.

Suspect that your kid has gingivitis if you notice swollen gums or his teeth bleed during brushing. This requires urgent attention to prevent bone damage and permanent tooth loss in older children.

There may be a need for your child to improve cleaning techniques. Certain rinses can also be helpful for combating or preventing the issue. Gingivitis prevention is one of the reasons you need to take your kid to a dental office regularly.

5. Bruxism

This is a medical term for clenching, gnashing or grinding of the teeth. Bruxism is common among school-aged children.

It isn’t actually a thing to worry so much about if it occurs only on occasions. Kids typically stop it over time without any treatment. However, you may need to seek professional help for your child if teeth grinding occurs regularly or doesn’t abate. Tooth pain, headaches, and jaw pain can result in such cases. There could also be tooth erosion.

Dentists can provide devices, such as night guards, to help with your child’s teeth grinding.

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